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Hello, my name is Heidi and I am a binge reader. When I am happy reading nothing else is important – certainly not sleep! I stopped reading fiction after we adopted our son. I had no time to read and I get cranky when I am interrupted. Not a great way to parent! Instead for the last 9 years I have read non-fiction books, blogs and websites. They are short, and I do not get nearly as involved.

Now that I am in the “post-dependent-child phase” of my life (there has got to be a better way to say this!) I have time again to read! I am in that wonderful moment where my son is 18, is extremely independent, but still lives at home so I get to see him and say “I love you” everyday.

I am a fast reader, so if I don’t want to bankrupt us, I need to figure out how to do this cheaply! E-books are turning out to be the perfect solution for how to get free books. On our latest trip I logged in to my public library while in our hotel room, downloaded a trashy vampire novel onto my IPad, then read it pool-side. In New Orleans. At dusk. By myself. Oh yeah.

So far, all my e-books have been free from my library, or free from Amazon. There are several places online that offer free e-books! Like Project Gutenberg. They are amazing resources for classics that are no longer under copyright. If it had existed when I was in college I would have saved some serious cash. However, at this point in my life I want to read more current books. For instance, recently published fiction, paleo cookbooks, current financial advice. For more recent e-books check out your local library to see if what they offer appeals to you. I live in a medium sized city, and I am happy with the selection at my library. Also, there is a great website bookbub that links to a lot of free or low cost e-books. It is a way to easily search for a particular title or genre on multiple sites (Amazon, Barnes and Noble and several others) at one time.

P.S. No, you can not see my download list. I have a reputation to maintain!
P.S.S. I have no advertisers at this time, so I don’t get anything from mentioning websites.

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  1. I also use my local public library to borrow ebooks. You can also borrow certain books for free from Kindle on Amazon as well. Between those and regular books from the library, I have more than enough to read. Last year I kept track and I read 91 books!

    1. Wow! I think I will probably end up reading like that when I retire! I’ll have to check out “borrowing” from Amazon. Right now I am “buying” a bunch of free ones.

  2. I found your site from the MMM forum…

    Other good options include:
    1. Amazon Prime has a large list of Kindle books that are free to read for a limited time. Although it’s $99/yr., at the rate you read, you’ll make that back in no time.
    2. My public library has some ebooks (in various formats) available through I have yet to try the service.

  3. I’ll admit to being a binge reader. I certainly identify with normally reading non-fiction (history, science, [non]religion, finance) books and then picking up a randomly delicious fiction novel and not being able to put it down.

    I’m in the middle of one right now that I’m have through less than 48 hours after checking it out from the library (historical fiction – Japanese invade Nanjing just before WW2, kill, rape, pillage, burn, etc).

    I haven’t spent a dime on books in years though. Our county has a great library system and one branch is walking distance from my house (and we are there weekly with the 2 year old for story time). I request what I want online and browse their stacks too.

    They also have something called “interlibrary loan”. It’s free for us. They can get virtually any book in the world (eventually). Our county library will request the book from nearby university libraries or other county systems, or even out of state libraries and universities. This is very helpful when I want to get a nice (but rare) photo book or an academic text on economics, finance, history or whatever. Things that aren’t commonly held in county library system collections. It can take a few weeks or even a month to get a book through the interlibrary loan system. However the more rare books usually have a high cost on Amazon (even when they are old and used), so I usually save $30-40 by being patient and waiting a month to get a book.

    1. I agree interlibrary loan is a wonderful thing! Our library is an easy walk from our house – less than a mile away. One of the many reasons we chose to live where we do.

  4. I get emails every day regarding free books from several lists I joined. With over 200 books on my Kindle I purchased only 2-3 of them. You can state your preferences regarding the types of books you enjoy. I can post the websites tomorrow when I`m back on my computer…also there are sites such as and Lendle me that match borrowers with lenders. Many Amazon books one purchases may be loaned out once. There`s also Open Library from which you can borrow books but I only seem to find the ones that may be read via a browser but not downloaded to a Kindle.
    (Linked to your blog from MMM)

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